Isle of Wight Day Walks

Isle of Wight Isle of Wight

In addition to the Isle of Wight Coast Path, the Isle of Wight County Council defines eight one-day walks that venture away from the coast, though all of them do connect with the Coast Path. These walks vary in length from 11.7km to 23km.

The council publishes detailed leaflets for each walk, and these are also available online. These eight walks are also well covered in A Walker's Guide to the Isle of Wight, written by Martin Collins and Norman Birch and published by Cicerone.

Tennyson Trail 1 Tennyson Trail Alum Bay to Carisbrooke 23km 26 May 2012
Stenbury Trail 2 Stenbury Trail Newport to Ventnor 18.3km 27 May 2012
Bembridge Trail 3 Bembridge Trail Newport to Bembridge 21km 29 May 2012
Shepherds Trail 4 Shepherds Trail Carisbrooke to Shepherds Chine 13.7km 18 Apr 2013
Worsley Trail 5 Worsley Trail Brightstone Forest to Shanklin 20.8km 22 Apr 2013
Nunwell Trail 6 Nunwell Trail Ryde to Sandown 11.7km 11 Jul 2016
The Freshwater Way 7 The Freshwater Way Circular walk from Yarmouth to Freshwater Bay and back 11.9km 13 Jul 2016
Hamstead Trail 8 Hamstead Trail Newtown Bay to Brook Bay 12km 18 Jul 2016