Thames Path National Trail

Thames Path Thames Path Waymarker

The Thames Path National Trail follows the course of the River Thames for 294 kilometres, from its source near the village of Kemble in the Cotswold Hills to the Thames Flood Barrier. On the way, the path passes through the cities of Oxford, Reading and London and a number of smaller towns and villages.

The Thames Path is the only one of Britain's National Trails to follow a river for its entire length. The River Thames, the longest river in England, drops just 107 metres along its length, making this most probably the flattest of the national trails.

From Teddington in London's west to Greenwich in the east, the Thames Path offers alternative routes on both banks of the river. Having walked almost the entire north bank route previously, I decided to follow the south bank route for this walk.

As well as the official Thames Path, I also decided to walk the 16.6km extension, which takes the path downstream beyond the Thames Flood Barrier to Crayford Ness.

 StageStart and FinishDateDistance
The Source to Cricklade 1 The Source to Cricklade 04 Jun 2011 19.7km
Cricklade to St John's Lock 2 Cricklade to St John's Lock 06 Jun 2011 18.4km
St John's Lock to Newbridge 3 St John's Lock to Newbridge 07 Jun 2010 24.9km
Newbridge to Lower Radley 4 Newbridge to Lower Radley 08 Jun 2011 31.9km
Lower Radley to Wallingford 5 Lower Radley to Wallingford 09 Jun 2011 27.2km
Wallingford to Reading 6 Wallingford to Reading 10 Jun 2011 28.6km
Reading to Marlow 7 Reading to Marlow 13 Jun 2011 28.6km
Marlow to Windsor 8 Marlow to Windsor 14 Jun 2011 22.6km
Windsor to Hampton Court 9 Windsor to Hampton Court 16 Jun 2011 32.6km
Hampton Court to Hammersmith 10 Hampton Court to Hammersmith 17 Jun 2011 22.5km
Hammersmith to Tower Bridge 11 Hammersmith to Tower Bridge 18 Jun 2011 19km
Tower Bridge to Thames Barrier 12 Tower Bridge to Thames Barrier 20 Jun 2011 16.1km
Thames Barrier to Crayford Ness 13 Thames Barrier to Crayford Ness 21 Jun 2011 16.6km